Azealia Banking institutions posted more screenshots. Let us unpack this mess. Welcome to some other chapter within the saga that is bizarre of Banks/Grimes/Elon Musk!

Welcome to another chapter into the saga that is bizarre of Banks/Grimes/Elon Musk!

Azealia Banks — who claims she had been abandoned by Grimes and caught in Elon Musk’s mansion while he tripped acid — is dropping juicy screenshots hinting during the unfolding drama in her Instagram tales.

On Tuesday, Banks posted a screenshot of a discussion between her and an unnamed supply. She circled a text having said that, “we made you appear great today. The solicitors as you and stated you are smart. “

The texts additionally discuss “damages that Claire caused” — Claire is Grimes’ delivery title.

A person alleged to be Grimes says that “he” (Musk) “got into weed” because of her influence and that when he decided to take Tesla private, the stock would be worth $419 each in another screenshot posted to Azealia Banks’ story.

“for fraud, ” Grimes texted so he rounded up to 420 for a laugh and now the sec is investigating him.

Banking institutions circled those texts and called Grimes “a pathological liar. “

Missing in most the messiness of the situation? Listed here is a schedule for this ride that is wild

Jul. 30: Grimes announced that she ended up being dealing with Azealia Banking institutions on her next record album.

Well i’ve began like 4 beats on her now lol she needs to come to los angeles to finish

Aug. 7: Musk says he had been using Tesla personal, after which got converted into a meme.

Have always been considering using Tesla personal at $420. Funding secured.

Aug. 10: Banks gets to Elon Musk’s mansion in L.A.

In a Instagram DM, she later told company Insider that Musk ended up being “scrounging for investors to cover their ass after that tweet” and therefore he had beenn’t sweet face-to-face.

Additionally, Musk and Grimes left for DefCon together, making Banking institutions in their home.

Great Q&A @defcon yesterday. Many thanks for helping make Tesla & SpaceX more protected! About to open-source Tesla vehicle safety computer software 100% free usage by other vehicle manufacturers. Very important to a safe self-driving future for all.

Aug. 12: evidently Banking institutions gets trapped in Musk’s household, and things begin getting strange.

Buckle up everybody, This is how it gets fun! That Sunday evening, Banking institutions contrasted remaining in the Musk mansion into the real-life form of Get Out, then exposed Musk for “being too stupid to understand not to ever carry on Twitter while on acid. “

She additionally advertised with her, and stated “it had been most likely some strange threesome sex shit in the first place. That she was not permitted to bring her boyfriend”

In accordance with company Insider, she left that evening.

Azealia Banks Elon that is exposing Musk tweeting while on Acid. While she had been looking forward to Grimes at her house. Whewwww lord ? pic. that is

Aug. 13: Musk clarifies their now-memed “funding guaranteed. ” Additionally, Banking institutions has more to express.

Evidently Saudi Arabia will probably help Tesla get personal, based on a note regarding the business’s internet site.

Azealia Banking institutions, meanwhile, proceeded her rant about her week-end at Elon’s on another Instagram tale. She said that Musk was “better off hiring an escort” because Grimes can not keep peaceful in regards to the company.

While dragging both Grimes and Elon Musk through individual assaults and going down on a diatribe concerning the colonization of Southern Africa, Banks additionally hinted at Grimes spilling secrets.

Musk, meanwhile, told Gizmodo he did not understand Banking institutions and that he “has never even came across Banks or communicated along with her in virtually any real method. ”

But Banking institutions delivered Business Insider an so-called screenshot of a discussion with you tonight. Between her and Mac Boucher, Claire’s brother, having said that, “Elon will satisfy”

Three times later on, Elon admitted to seeing Banking institutions “for 2 moments” in an innovative new York days meeting.

Simply whenever you might think it does not get crazier than Elon vs. The shorts, you will find down in regards to the Azealia Banks Vs. Grimes/Elon craziness and understand THERE MAY BE SO MUCH MORE DEGREES OF CRAZY TO GO. $TSLA pic.

Aug. 18: Banking institutions articles more screenshots and from now on we realize way too much about Musk’s genitalia.

Banking institutions, our screenshot queen, posted more receipts on her behalf Instagram tale. “Elon Musk happens to be tapping my phone all ” she claimed, posting screenshots of texts allegedly between her and Grimes from before their meeting week.

Into the texts, Grimes roasts Musk for their “weird accent that does not really occur, ” but brags about their dick that is”giant.

Let us additionally just appreciate Banking institutions calling Musk a “wild thornberry. “

Fundamentally, however, the screenshots appear to show that Musk at least knew Banking institutions ended up being considering a call.

Azealia Banks publishing conversations with Grimes about Elon Musk and claims he is tapping her phone pic.

Aug. 19: Grimes and Musk stop following one another.

The web’s many confusing few stopped after one another on Instagram, and Musk unfollowed Grimes on Twitter. Considering Musk’s strange Twitter existence, this might suggest absolutely absolutely nothing. Right?

Aug. 20: Musk deletes their Instagram and Banks says he has got her phone.

Musk told Gizmodo which he removed their Instagram account because he did not “like it. “

The day that is same Banking institutions called him down on her behalf infamous Instagram tale, begging on her behalf phone straight straight straight right back. That is where it gets even spicier — in deleted tale videos, she complains regarding how she really wants to go homeward and states “none with this shit has almost anything to fucking do beside me. “

“seriously, just just just exactly what the fuck is also happening, ” she asks in another of the videos. ” just just exactly What the real fuck is taking place? “

Self-proclaimed “Teslaqologist” and “founder associated with Canadian Institute of Cultural Teslaqology” @ravenvanderrave tweeted screen recordings for the videos. You should check out of the thread that is full.

Aug. 21: More screenshots, and from now on solicitors are participating?

Banking institutions posted more screenshots on her tale that alluded to “damages that Claire caused. ” She additionally stated on her behalf tale that she couldn’t “stay right here for anymore for this shit. That she had been finally making l. A., sans phone, and”

“that you couldn’t work if you knew. You ought to have simply told me personally to remain my ass house, ” she ranted on her behalf tale. Banking institutions additionally noticed that Musk “sent that very very first tweet” that she could have easily stayed before she even got on her flight, and.

Azealia Banks is the present that keeps on giving $tsla no chance I will be musk that is@‘ing this inam@enjoying reading grimes screenshots pic.

Twitter users, meanwhile, wonder what the deuce Banking institutions might have had on her behalf phone.

Possibly video clip of a acid fest? Sky’s the limitation using this lot.

— Smartish Elon for Prison (Xenomorpher) (@xenomorpher1) August 21, 2018

1Banks documents Elon that is damaging conversation

2Elon lies he never ever saw Banking institutions (modifications tale later on to say shortly saw, never in ear shot tho. Why lie concerning this in first destination? )

3Elon and Grimes battle over why Banking institutions ended up being taken to his household

4Grimes/Elon separation

Other people would you like to use her doing the same to your administration that is presidential.

Paradrop Azealia Banks into the White house or apartment with her cellular phone additionally the wifi password

Whatever’s happening, it seems that Banking institutions somehow got in the exact middle of an SEC research, and it is unhappy about any of it.

At the least she provided us the summer that is wild we did not even comprehend we needed!

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